Frequently Asked Questions

How does delivery work?

We deliver 3 times x Week (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) From 4pm-9pm. Price x Delivery $5-$7 Depending on your Area.

Do you have a deadline to order?

Yes, we stop taking orders 12h prior the delivery day. Example: Deadline Saturday 6pm for Sunday delivery Deadline Monday 6pm for Tuesday delivery Deadline Wednesday 6pm for Thursday delivery

How does pick-up work?

We have our facility open 24/7 which makes it convenient when having crazy schedules. Our Pick-up hours on Cooking Days: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday after 3pm. Our Address is : 15136 Stagg St, Van Nuys, CA 91405, United States. Once you are inside the facility in the Left alley there is a fridge to the right. Your meals will be label with your name, kindly respect other's orders.

What does the Portion Sizes Mean? in OZ?

We work with Different Portion Sizes: Regular/Healthy - 4oz Protein + 4oz Carbs + 3oz Veggies. Athlete/Extra Protein - 6oz Protein + 4oz Carbs + 3oz Veggies. Keto/No-Carbs - 5oz Protein + 6oz Veggies.